1. stephanie

    toronto - april 2014

  2. toronto - april 2014

  3. yuma - july 2013

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  5. california - january 2012

  6. california - january 2012


  7. wildthingshere asked: I wanted to drop by to say that I love your blog and think you're an absolutely lovely individual, hope you have a good day

    Thank you so much for putting a fat cherry on top of my day :D


  8. schwarsky asked: Hola! Una vez que se tiene la captura, se revela y se imprime, ¿cierto? Una vez impresa se digitaliza, pero... ¿con qué se digitalizan las fotografías? Saludos desde Guadalajara, MX.

    I am going to do my best to respond to this…

    I scan my negatives directly onto my computer, and that is how I digitize my film. If you are looking to do it, either you can pick up a scanner or ask the print shop where you drop off your film to put your photographs onto a disc.

    Hope I understood you correctly….

  9. california - january 2014

  10. new york - 2005

  11. myrtle beach - september 2008

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  13. supper

    toronto - april 2014

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